+++ UPDATE: Veranstaltung wegen COVID-19 abgesagt! +++

Ashley, Liz and Katy are best friends. They’ve known each other for years and are inseparable. Earlier this year, Britney and Tiffany tried to be a part of their squad but they have been denied from our lovely girls because of their disrespectful behaviour. Since then, B & T are trying to destroy the invincible friendship between A, L & K. 

After Liz’s boyfriend Justin cheats on her, the girls take an oath. They swear to be independent women, to have no interactions with boys, to go to the gym and to skip parties and junkfood. 

Will the girls be able to keep the oath? 

Find it out by watching the play on the 25th of march at 7pm at the MCG!

Exclusively for students of MCG on the 26th of march at the 2nd Block. (Sek1 and registered classes only)

The Seminarkurs „english drama“ worked nearly 2 years on this incredible project. We may proudly present to you our play  „Shakespeare‘s High“ an adaptation of Shakespeare’s comedy „Love Labour’s Lost“.

The play will be presented in english only.

Text: Marcella Di Palma